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To the 3D measuring device by Zeiss, a complete novelty has been added – the 3D scanner CMM VL-700 from KEYENCE.

 It enables 3D scanning with one click.
 It offers an All-in-One solution: From scanning to CAD conversion.

This scanner is small in size, but big in benefits:

  • The measurement process is significantly accelerated.
  • It expands the capacity of the laboratory.
  • It brings additional possibilities of use.
    • Design/prototyping – prevents defects.
    • Analysis of manufacturing conditions – detects changes.
    • Manufacturing process – automatic measuring accelerates and simplifies measurement.
    • Defect analysis – compares with data, prevents oversight.
    • Product shape analysis – for use in simulators.
    • Data utilization – color 3D output.
  • The result will be improved services for customers.

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