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We are a Czech family company with 30 years of tradition, developing and manufacturing plastic products with high value added, primarily for the automotive industry.

Business opportunities and strategy

We have an innovative development department at our disposal, equipped with high-performance software, with a strong personal background; we have our own tool factory, plastic injection room, and assembly room. Because of these, we provide comprehensive turnkey solutions to our end customers – starting with product development, continuing with design and production of tools, ending with serial production of the final product.

It is our intention to further develop these activities in terms of production and development capabilities, both for the automotive industry, and for other areas, and to consolidate our position in the market.

Target market

The target market for our products and services is mostly the automotive segment that we supply with almost 95% of our production (the company is a TIER 1 and TIER 2 supplier).

The aim of our company is to increase the proportion of deliveries outside the automotive market, in order to enhance our stability and to reduce our 100% dependence on developments in the automotive industry.

Competitive advantages

One of our main strengths is the flexibility and responsiveness to customer requirements.

Modern machinery equipment, technology, stable and professional team of employees, and our own know-how, developed for 30 years, these are some of the strengths of our company. They enable us comprehensive order processing "under one roof", from the development of products to their serial delivery.


Economy, profitability and potential for business success

We want to be a competitive and customer-oriented company.

Our intention is a sustainable development of our company in terms of financial resources, human resources, production facilities, and infrastructure, in an effort to preclude hasty investments and high indebtedness that could threaten the very existence of the company.

Social responsibility

We want to continue being a stable and responsible employer that offers working opportunities to a wide spectrum of people.

We are a friendly and open partner of our municipality, state administration, and nonprofit sector.

All of our activities are performed with respect to environmental protection.


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